TRX control issues with FT-857D

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TRX control issues with FT-857D

I took my old FT-857D back into service. Mostly everything is OK, but two things with TRX control screen behave oddly.

1) Trying to change the mode by clicking the mode buttons with mouse doesn't work. Buttons do change colour, when I change the mode from the rig. With my other rig (FT-1000MP) modes change with mouse click.

2) When I try to change the band to 70cm from the TRX control window, FT-857D jumps to 3.750MHz. All other bands work perfectly. If I change the band from the rig, TRX control shows the right frequency OK.

I've tested both these actions using FLrig, and they work. I haven't tested them from rigctld command line yet.

I tested both case by testing similar rictld rig types (ft-857, ft-897d, ft-897) in Preferences/TRX control without any luck, the behaviour was the same.

My cqrlog version is 2.5.2 (001) and it's running in Ubuntu 22.04LTS. FT-857D is connected to CQRLOG via bluetooth serial adapter (/dev/rfcomm0). CAT speed is 9600, other speeds (4800, 38400) didn't work.

Any suggestions?

Pekka oh2bsc

TRX control issues with FT-857D

Hei Pekka!

I suspect your Hamlib version, as first case. We can continue with PM. My "omakutsu" works.