Hamlib and TCPIP

Hamlib, at least the version 4.5 has a not well documented option – with radios that have its own IP address the IP address and port number can be used instead of device name. An USB port is then not needed, it can also solve the known „stolen USB port“ problem.

Use the Hamlib Git daily snapshots


The rigctld man page does not mention that rig device "-r" can have ipaddress:port instead of dev name. In rigctl man pages this is mentioned, however both methods (/dev/ttyUSB* or ipaddress:port) working.



Asked Mike, W9MDB, to fix rigctld man pages similar to rigctl man pages. He did it already and now both have ipaddress:port mentioned. Missing line in rigctld manual may have caused confusion.

Hamlib and TCPIP

At the moment rigctl version "Hamlib 4.5~git to July 21 03:26:18 2022 +0000 SHA=72c6bb" has a "property" that if your rig is powered off while starting rigctld it may take several seconds before rigtcld opens the TCP port.
If Cqrlog starts rigctld (as usual) that may be too long time for Cqrlog and can lead to problems.

This does not happen if your rig is powered on while starting rigctld. Then it opens TCP port immediately.

With my Icom ic7300 powered off while starting rigctld it takes 11 seconds before localhost:4532 port is open for Cqrlog to connect.
If rig is powered on while starting rigctld the port is immediately open.

I have had discussions with Mike, W9MDB, about this subject but no progress yet.