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include UIBLaz sources in tree?

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include UIBLaz sources in tree?

I am trying to figure out a way to compile and package cqrlog for Fedora, as well as make it easier for packages in other distributions to create cqrlog packages. It is a great program, and it would be nice if people could just install it with the OS.

However, the UIB and lnet sources do not seem to be standard lazarus modules and need to be downloaded separately. I see that the lnet sources got added to the SVN tree recently. It would be nice if the UIB sources could be added, too.

Once I get cqrlog compiling, I'll create a spec file so RPMs can be built.

More importantly, once it compiles easily out of the box (I plan to submit any automatic build scripts, etc), more people will be able to help out with the software. The source code is pretty clean and the list of minor improvements people want appears to be pretty large :)

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Re: include UIBLaz sources in tree?


it is already there but ... .

A few days ago I made big change in repository directories and separated source code tree for versions 0.9.x and trunk. So please look at source repo and you'll find it.

In trunk I make huge changes into source code. I'm preparing CQRLOG to be able to package. Because of this, I'm moving from Firebird embeded to MySQL database, rewrite a lot of code, add support for multiple logs etc. But main problem is, I use for developing recent version of Lazarus from SVN. So packaging will be possible after Lazarus developers release new version and it will take month or two. After I finish all this changes, it will be much easier to do own changes to CQRLOG source code and send patches to me.

You probably won't create RPM packages of verion 0.9.x. Please wait for version 1.0 :-).

73 Petr, OK2CQR

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Fair enough. I was not

Fair enough. I was not expecting this to be a short project, anyway :)

It will be absolutely awesome when those pre-build amateur radio USB sticks will have cqrlog on them, and home users of Linux distros can just install cqrlog using their distro software installer tool.