Hy-Gain DCU-1/DCU-2 rotator position

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Hy-Gain DCU-1/DCU-2 rotator position

Currently I do not get the reported azimuth of my antenna heading in the rotor control window. It will move the rotator to an azimuth, but fails to report the rotators current position. In reading the documentation, it appears that the Hy-Gain DCU-1/DCU-2 rotator controllers do not support the feature of reporting the current azimuth of the antenna using rotctld.

However, I recently installed a trial version of PstRotator. PstRotator CAN report the current position of the rotator, and that output matches what is displayed on my DCU-2. Despite sniffing the USB port traffic, and the locahost traffic using Wireshark, I have been unable to determine how this is done.

First question: how does this work in PstRotator?
Second question: Can we implement this functionality in CQRLOG?


Hy-Gain DCU-1/DCU-2 rotator position


Answer to second question: Cqrlog shows what Hamlib (rotctld) can dig out from rotor controller.

You should contact to Mike W9MDB who is the main programmer in Hamlib project and ask if he can add Hy-Gain DCU-1/DCU-2 rotator position support.

After that cqrlog will work without change.