So few e-qsl...

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So few e-qsl...

Hi to all,

I upload regularly my logs comung from CQRLog, on various platform, like LOTW, QRZ.COM,, etc.

No problem at all but... starting from some months ago, I've noticed very few e-qsl matching when I dawnload from CQRLog... 1 or 2 maximum or zero... often zero...

I upload every time more the 100 qsl, that find matching in LOTW... but so few in e-qsl...

Someone, please, has the same problem and has solved it?

Thank in advance for any advice.

Franco, IK7XJA

So few e-qsl...

HI Franco!

You should look at the error file ~/eQSL_error.txt to see what qsos (and why) do not match. Then try to look at "QSO list" using filter by date, time, call to find "near by" qsos to compare.

In my error file I mostly see qsos from time before I used cqrlog. People do upload very old qsos to eQSL when they update their old paper logs into computer logs.


Thanks, Saku

I checked as you tell me, the file. On it, the last QSO with error was on date 2020-09-15 and no otter QSO with error in 2021 (the date of the file is updated at the time I transfer the log to e-qsl).

But no trace of the 1685 qsos since 2021-01-01... very strange... I wonder: all the QSO without errors?

Just an other question, Saku: some QSO differs for QSO time. May I change the time in my record and submit again? How? I think they are all flagged as "uploaded" on E-QSL. Could I modify the record in QSL console and re-submit it?

Thanks for any advice

eQSL_error criteria

Hello Saku,

Do you know if in eQSL_error.txt file are written only qso where call/date exist but with a time delay that doesn't match ?

In my case, I have 14 qsos in eQSL inbox, not yet logged in CQRLOG but nothing appears in eQSL_error file. "QSO not found"

Best 73's

eQSL_error criteria

eQSL qso time is used to create eQSL_min and eQSL_max times.

1440 seems to be minutes in a day (24h*60min). If log qso time fits inside those limits qso is ok.

if you start cqrlog from console with
cqrlog --debug=1 > /tmp/debug.txt

and do eQSL import, close cqrlog and examine /tmp/debug.txt file with text editor you should see lines:
"call | log_time | eQSL_min_time | eQSL_min_time"

To make debug.txt easier to read close all cqrlog windows and connections that are not needed (RBN, DXCluster etc.) and set rig poll time to big value like 30000.

I have some qsos in eQSL that are not in cqrlog. Mostly very old qsos. They always appear to error file when importing. here is one for example:
Call: RX1AS
Band: 2M
Mode: CW
QSO_date: 1982-12-07
Time_on: 2242


Move to bug

Thanks a lot Saku,

I found two bugs.
1. t_eQSL_min = t_eQSL_max when eQSL time_on = 0000
2. Flag qso_in_log := False; in fImportProgress.pas shall be put just after SQL query, because if the previous is in the log (true) but current read qso is not in the log, the error file is not updated.

I create another topic in bug list.

Best regards,

So few e-qsl...

Hi Franco!

Usually all goes well and the error file is small. You can select preferences/visible columns to see if eQSL is received. You can drag QSO list columns with mouse left button pressed to get them narrow or wide, or change the order how they are shown to see better the eQSL column.
With right mouse click on eQSL confirmed qso you can also open the qsl card. It opens to your web browser.

You can change one , or several qsos, eQSL send status by selecting them from QSO list with left mouse click while CTRL key is kept down. You see selection done from a dot at left side of qso line. You can also use filter (F12) to select qsos
When selected open QSL list/File/Group edit . Check that it says effects to selected qsos and then select field eQSL sent and value N.

Next time you upload qsos that have not been uploaded to eQSL they should be sent.

Be careful with goup edit you can easily mess up your whole log and there is no "undo" button !