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grayline window

I see posts from 2012 about changing grayline backgound, but it does not work 2.4.0.
How can i change the background image ?

Is it possible to make the line a great circle line instead of the current rhumbic line ?


Regin, OY1R

HI Regin!

HI Regin!

Grayline image exists in /usr/share/cqrlog/images with name grayline.bmp. Operations to that folder need sudo
You can replace image or edit existing image with graphics program like Gimp.

I made a test with program "convert" that is part of Image Magic converting image world_borders.png (exist in same folder) to bmp format and name grayline.bmp
Close cqrlog
[saku@hamtpad ~]$ cd /usr/share/cqrlog/images
[saku@hamtpad images]$ sudo mv grayline.bmp grayline.bmpp  (this makes backup of original for restoring)
[saku@hamtpad images]$ sudo convert world_borders.png grayline.bmp
Open cqrlog

I have been thinking about great circle and even done a test program because I did not find any ready build unit for freepascal. But this project  has been long at state where it calculates the great circle plotting points between two locations but the plot drawing procedure is still missing.

Maybe some day...someone...


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grayline window

Thanks for next tip Saku.
In my case I have to move grayline.bmp to ~/.config/crlog/images

<p>SlaveckM, SP3RXO</p>