profiles: column in "QSO list"

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profiles: column in "QSO list"

Is it possible to view the profile infos in the QSO List Window? I would appreciate if this was available as checkbox in the "visible columns" settings.
Thanks es 73 Martin HB9FSV

profiles: column in "QSO list"

HI Martin!

Yes, that is quite easy. But I think it is not very informative if you have several qth profiles in same log. 1-4 will do, but then you have to remember what number is what profile (in names).

How ever I did a quick test. You will find source code from but I am not sure is it worth to add to official version.



Thanks a lot!

Hi Saku
Thank you, for me that's great! Of course, one could add all the info available in the dropdown menu of the "new QSO" window to the QSO list. In the shack I often change between different (QRP) rigs, so while writing QSL cards, I'd like to add rig information. My profile numbers are easy to remember (e.g. 757 for FT-757), so I easily see from the number which rig I used.
I'll clone the github version and try to build!
Add to official version or not...? Hm, not sure. I prefer not having too cluttered software. Log4OM is sometimes confusing for that reason.
vy 73 Martin HB9FSV