Deleting Clublog entries

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Deleting Clublog entries

So, I have been having an issue with uploading to clublog. Basically the clublog status got stuck on trying to delete a QSO from clublog that wasn't there, so it kept on stalling. Basically I tried to clear that by marking all QSO's as uploaded, then creating an ADIF and uploading that manually to clublog. So far so good, except now, clublog has just gone through all my QSO's in the log and now deleted them from clublog. All of them. Every single last f....g one of them.

So, what gives kind sirs? Anything I can do here?

All my qso's are still in the log on cqrlog, but I fear further attempts to upload to clublog again may result in disappointment.

I'm fairly new to cqrlog having migrated from log4om.

any assistance would be gratefully received.

cqrlog 2.5.2 on rpi4


mark vk3zq
Mark Edwards

Deleting Clublog entries

as far as I know the problem of yours is an unresolved issue with cqrlog.

I you search the forum for clublog and errors, you will find reports of similar problems, se e.g.

73 de LB2EG Richard