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Filter - Search/sort by distance

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Filter - Search/sort by distance

I was searching through the filter options and saw that there are many options, but there is no filter by distance. I have distance display working where distance is calculated by grid square and shown when I click on a QSO in the log window. It would be a nice feature to be able to sort or search by distance (for example, filter all QSO over 8000 km).

Doug W1DH

Filter - Search/sort by distance

Hi Doug!

Filtering is based on mysql search functions through database.
Every item that is saved in database can be found easily by mysql engine. How ever distance is calculated from station and callsign locators (on the fly) but not stored to anywhere.

That is why it can not be filtered with mysql engine. Storing it to database would need a new column to be added and all co-functions programmed.

Cqrlog now calculates distances (if set) for all qsos to get total distance of log qsos and the longest qso, but there is no other output from that routine and results can not be then filtered by filter.

I admit distance filtering could be useful specially for viewing V/U/SHF qsos.