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Some missing fields in CQRLog

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Some missing fields in CQRLog


Would it be possible to include the fields of the ADIF file: OPERATOR, STATION_CALLSIGN, CNTY, MY_CTNY and QSLMSG in CQRLog?
I don't see how I can keep my log if I can't differentiate the QSOs by the operator's call. Example: the EA3CV station has operated with the call AM370CV. How can I differentiate it from the rest?
The CNTY and MY_CTNY fields are very interesting, as they are used to manage various awards (in future versions of ADIF that are pending, it will be extended even more).
QSLMSG is very good for passing information to eQSL or for generating QSLs.

I've been testing CQRLog for a short time and it seems like an incredible job. Congratulations!

73 de Kin

Some missing fields in CQRLog

HI Kin!

Thanks for your comments.

Some of your wishes are fulfilled already. Some of them have different tag names.

Operator tag exists in latest version. you should compile from source to get the latest one.
See these message chains:

Usually log is for station and there may be a different operator working qsos. A club station with member operator that is then exported with operator adif tag.
Club station OH1F (that owns the log) is operated by OH1KH (that is the operator in log).

If you need it other way round I.E. you operate a special call from your station then you should make a new log and put special call to preferences/station/call and put your own call as operator.
All settings of preferences are connected to current log. If you make a new log you must make all new settings (or export from old log and import to new one to save lots of typing).

The state column has also 2 way usage (in latest ver) it can be used as US State or German DOK.
Using it for CTNY in future is possible if the famous SomeOneElse® writes the source code.
Meanwhile you can put any code, but only max length 4 chr, to state field.

"Comment for qso" field can be used for QSL comment. It is exported as "remarks". You can also pass it to QSLs

State and remarks, as any other adif tag, is very easy to fix later from the exported file. Just use linux command console and the bash command "sed" to make group change to whole file.

sed -i 's/OLD_TAG_NAME/NEW_TAG_NAME/g' exported_file.adi