Ideas for easier satellite operation

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Ideas for easier satellite operation


after being QRV majorly on QO-100 for a while, I have some ideas that would make life easier for satellite operation:

1. On startup, the satellite selection in the Satellite tab is always empty. It would be nice if CQRLog would remember the last satellite used, or if it would be possible to set a default satellite.

2. It's always required to specifically enter the RX frequency in the Satellite tab. At least for FM satellites or non-inverting transponders like QO-100, it would be handy if a fixed offset to the TX frequency could be defined. (Ideally in a lookup table per satellite) Thus, after QSY, only one field had to be filled/adapted instead of 2. I am aware that this would be tricky to implement for inverting linear transponders, though.

3. When having a TRX connected via CAT, the frequency field reads the actual frequency, which is unhandy when using a transverter. A possibility to define an offset between the frequency read via CAT interface and the actual entry in fhe "Frequency" field would be useful.

4. When having 2 TRX connected via CAT, it would be useful to read out the SAT RX frequency as well. Example: Read TX frequency from radio 1, apply offset and fill Frequency field. Read RX frequency from radio 2, apply offset and fill RX Frequency field in Satellite tab.

5. Sync RX and TX: Read RX frequency from one rig, apply offsets and set TC frequency to the other rig.

73 Jens, HB9EKO

Hi Jens,

Hi Jens,

2. I did implement some feature to allow exaclty this. I is a dirty hack because it uses an offset from the TX frequency. Thus it works only for non-inverting transponders and non-split QSOs. I plan to change that in the future :)

3. See above. I added a textbox that allows for configuration of a LO.

I guess you are not using the latest code from github? I would recommend to do that because your feature requests are implemented at least partially :)

vy73 de Florian DF2ET