CQRLOG and WSJT-X Not pulling last name into log

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CQRLOG and WSJT-X Not pulling last name into log

Hey all,
New user to CQRLog and Linux Mint 20. Have everything working pretty good but seem to have 2 problems that seem minor. First is when i use WSJT-X and make a contact, it only pulls first name into the log and i have to fill in the last name, even though callbook is pulling and displaying all the info in the box off to the right. I am using QRZ.com as my callbook.
Second thing is, once i have made a few contacts and they are in the log, i have to hit sort to get them to the top to export. Is there a way to have them automatically put all my latest log entries to the top without having to hit sort and then time and date?

Thanks for the help and 73
Richard - VE6PCO

CQRLOG and WSJT-X Not pulling last name into log

Hi Richard !

Fine to hear that you got cqrlog running with Mint 20.
About two problems:

Cqrlog uses first or nicname as name.
Like you signed, Richard - VE6PCO, or like it happens in usual qso.
I do not remember ever (within 38 years) made a qso where station as given both his first and last name during qso. Because first or nick name is kind of "standard" cqrlog uses that.
This is again one "feature" that has become possible because of computers and internet connections. In "last and lost" world you had to wait from month to years to receive is paper qsl and see the last name. If it even was printed on card.

Exporting some qsos from log needs always filer creation first to select needed ones. Once filter results show out as expected in "QSO list" it is time to do export. At this point the qso order is insignificant.
Then, when target folder and file name has been set, you get window "choose fields to export". There at bottom left is checbox "Most recent entries on top".
That has effect to qso order in export file. How ever if you have compiled cqrlog from GitHub source before 2020-08-20, or installed it from a package (lot more older version) this order works upside down. Try both ways "Most recent entries on top" checked and without. Choose and use the desired way.


Thank you for your help on

Thank you for your help on understanding this.

Richard - VE6PCO