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Clublog upload

I upload directly my QSO to HamQTH and Clublog.
For some time now I have been getting the following error message with the status of log upload:

HamQTH: Uploading "Call" ... OK
HamQTH: Done ...

Club log; Uploading DD 0 WN
Clublog: Rejected: Callsign is your own call

What's wrong?
I have already deleted and re-uploaded everything on Clublog. Without success.

Thanks for the Help.
Uwe DD 0 WN

When i start CQRLOG with

When i start CQRLOG with cqrlog debug=1 I get the following error, which I copied out.

I have overwritten the e-mail and the password with xxx for the forum.

Can't find the adif entry anywhere in the log.






Response :Rejected: Callsign is your own call


SyncUpdate: SyncMsg :ClubLog: Rejected: Callsign is your own call

When i start CQRLOG with


It must be there. Have you tried filter with your call and set start date to 1900-01-01 and end date today. That date in adfi line must fit inside that. ( NewQSO/Qso list/Filter/Create)

If not found NewQSO/Qso list/online log/Clublog/mark all qso as uploaded should help.

You can also try to delete that qso using SQL console ( NewQSO/Qso list/Filter/SQL console)
type to upper part of window:

delete from cqrlog_main where callsign="DD0WN" and qsodate="2020-06-08"

Then press "run" icon (leftmost big green arrow). There is no other response than bottom status line "It takes ...."


Hi Saku.

Hi Saku.
Search with filter no success.
There was also no entry on the QSL console.
Mark all qso as uploaded helped.
Many thanks