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SWL option

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SWL option

Is possible have split logbook fo swl with option to add QSO wit 2 station?

SWL option


Cqrlog is not designed for SWL and so it does not have that kind of options.

I think you mean that you have heard a qso, lets say between OH1KH and OK2CQR. Then you like to log both stations, but to different logs.

I would try to define two QTH profiles. Named like "Station one" and "Station two"..
Then it is easy to log both calls to same log, but different "locations". At the middle top of NewQSO window there is a selector of QTH profiles.
Using that it is fast and easy to log both calls to "different qths".

Later it is easy to filter loged qsos by qth profiles.

Selector does work only after you first define qth profiles at preferences.

Does this give any help?