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Band map window enhancement

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Anonymous (not verified)
Band map window enhancement

IMHO will be useful to have more space for displayed call signs in band map window. 2 or even 3 columns or X columns depending on window's width set by user.
Button for clearing band map and rbn monitor windows will be welcome as well.

Hope all of you keeping well,
73 de
Slav, ei2idb

Band map window enhancement

Hi Slav!

Brief check shows that band map fonts are always same.
Ahhh... I see now. It has separated font setting only in preferences/bandmap. Maybe a "font" icon needed to window's menu area. After that the layout should be checked too.

RBN window has one icon , arrow down, that does not have mouse-on help text and it seems to do nothing. Must be checked from source what it should do.

Maybe "clear all" icon should be added for both windows.

Good ideas!