Status of upload windows slow/general upload

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Status of upload windows slow/general upload

When logging a contact focus is shifted to status of upload window for about 6 seconds before you can start typing a call. not very good when working the pileups.
Clublog upload is slow, when i import a file with x new log entries it takes a few seconds for each entry to be uploaded.

Regin, OY1R

Status of upload windows slow/general upload

Hi Regin!

How is your internet connection? Have you tested with ?
It will effect at least clublog update.

If you open console and give command:


While you operate (cqrlog running) you can see what is taking resources.
Look at
"load average", should be around (or less) than 1
"Mib Swap / used" If you have enough RAM memory the used swap should be rather low compared to total.
"PID list / %CPU" shows how programs use cpu.
In my laptop cqrlog and wsjtx are using around %5 cpu. At the time of qsjt decode process "jt9" takes around %45-%99

You can focus to cqrlg with command:

top -d0.1 -H -p$(pidof -s cqrlog)

Then you may see some spikes %10 - %80 but they should not last long.

How that does look like?