Award Field not cleared when pressing Esc Esc

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Award Field not cleared when pressing Esc Esc


I am using the Membership function of CQRLog and fill information about the membership in the award field. That works fine. If I press Esc Esc to clear my entries the Award field is not cleared.

Steps to reproduce:
* start a new QSO
* enter a Callsign (for example one you know it has a membership in a club you use)
* press tab, the award field is filled with the information of the memberships
* press Esc Esc to cancel the QSO and start a new one => the award field is not blanked
* enter a new callsign (the best way now is to use one which have no memebership)
* the award field is still filled

If you clear the QSO when the cursor stand on the mode field, the award field is cleared. But if you press tab then, it is filled with the old information again. So I think the "Esc Esc" Shortcut does not clear a variable cleanly...


Award Field not cleared when pressing Esc Esc

Hi Tobias!

This can be reproduced only if ESC ESC is pressed when cursor is in "frequency" box and "Auto" is not checked.
If cursor is elsewhere, I.E. TAB pressed more than once, or if "Auto" is checked and frequency and mode is filled from rig and cursor jumps direct to rst sent field, then "Award" is cleared.

So this seems to be not so fatal error.
How ever I will make an issue to Petr's GitHub so that we remember to look at this when doing programming.