KX3 CAT not working

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KX3 CAT not working

Hi everyone,
I have an issue getting CAT control working with my KX3. I am using Linux Mint 19.1. CAT is working in WSJTX and JS8call as well as Wizker. Radio ID is Set to 229. So I know I am member of dialout and ttyUSB0 is the correct interface and the baudrate is correct. Remote Mode with WSJTX and Fldigi is working fine too. Cqrlog Version is 2.3.0.
Any Suggestion whats going wrong? This is the last issue to solve before deleting windoofs completely.
Any ideas are welcome. Mny Tnx in advance.

KX3 CAT not working

Might be good place to start with debug mode.
Open console and start cqrlog from command line with parameter debug=1. You can also direct output to text file so it is easy to add to your forum message. For doing this type command in console:

cqrlog debug=1 > /tmp/debug.txt

You can also use just:
cqrlog debug=1

But then debug text is shown only in console screen and you need cut/pase or screen copy it.

At the start there will be some lines about rigctld (CAT) start. That is a start to pinpoint where problem lays.

You may also like read this document as it seems you are going to use cqrlog at same time with fldigi, wsjt and js8call:



Hi Saku,
Tnx for the advise which brought me on the way. It is always the other side of the Monitor:
Running debug mode I could see that there was an i/o error. After some thinking I opened the TRX setup window in cqrlog again and checked my inputs......upppps
forgot the / in front of the /dev/ttyUSB0.... added it and all the sudden it works.
thanks Jens