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new version for linux mint 19.1

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new version for linux mint 19.1

is there a way to run it on linux mint 19.1 ?
how do i do it ?
help wil be apriciated


marcel@marcel-MCP61M-M3:~$ cqrlog --debug=1

Cqrlog Ver:2.3.0 (001) Date:2018-06-17
**** DEBUG LEVEL 1 ****

SSL libraries:
Loading libmysqlclient: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/
MySQL version: 5.7
MySQL version assigned: 5.7
Loaded 93636 LoTW users
Loaded 98114 eQSL users
Loaded 48268 SCP calls
kill 15691
User home directory: /home/marcel/
Program home directory: /home/marcel/.config/cqrlog/
Data directory: /home/marcel/.config/cqrlog/database/
Memebers directory: /home/marcel/.config/cqrlog/members/
ZIP code directory: /usr/share/cqrlog/zipcodes/
Binary dir: /usr/bin/
Share dir: /usr/share/cqrlog/
TConnection to MySQL: 5.7
56 us states loaded
/usr/sbin/mysqld --defaults-file=/home/marcel/.config/cqrlog/database/mysql.cnf --datadir=/home/marcel/.config/cqrlog/database/ --socket=/home/marcel/.config/cqrlog/database/sock --port=64000
Trying to connect to database
TMySQL57Connection : Server connect failed.
select * from tables where table_schema = 'cqrlog_common'

SELECT log_nr,log_name FROM cqrlog_common.log_list order by log_nr

use cqrlog000

TApplication.HandleException TMySQL57Connection : Error executing query: Unknown database 'cqrlog000'
Stack trace:

new version for linux mint 19.1

The line "use cqrlog000" does not look good.

All user related data is stored in hidden folder ~/.config/cqrlog
If you are using file browser you should set "show hidden files and folders" ON to see it.

If you use console just type:
cd ~/.config
Then give:
And you should see "cqrlog" as one item.

When cqrlog is closed rename that folder "cqrlog" with your filebrowser or command line command to "cqrlogbak".

Command line:
cd ~/.config
mv cqrlog cqrlogbak

After that start cqrlog. It says that you have never used cqrlog before and creates a new log.
that should be Nr 1 (cqrlog001).
Does it work then?

If you had qsos in log before they are now in "cqrlogbak" foder. Getting them back to your new log is another story. That can be done later.

First I like to know does this new log now work ok?