CQRLog and WSJT-X on different machines

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CQRLog and WSJT-X on different machines

I'm trying to figure out how to operate wsjt-x in remote mode when it's running on a Windows 10 machine and the cqrlog is of course on my fedora 28 box. (I'm doing this so I can use HDSDR as a panadapter with Omnirig, which wsjt-x also supports on Windows). I configure the ip and port for each machine in the appropriate spaces in both programs, and can see the frames from the wsjt-x box in wireshark on the linux box. But, I can't connect to wsjt-x from cqrlog, and don't see any traffic originating from cqrlog.

Is this even possible, or do both programs need to be operating on the same machine for some reason? I very much like cqrlog and want to stick with it, but haven't been able to make this work. CQRLOG is version 2.3.0-1 and WSJT-X is 1.9.1

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CQRLog and WSJT-X on different machines

Yes. It should be possible.
I have done it with 2 linux laptops, but windows should not make any difference. Just check that firewalls are open in both computers for addresses(or subnets) and ports used.

If default port 2237/UDP is used that should be released for local network in firewall settings.

In same manner you can have fldigi on another computer and cqrlog on other computer. It just needs that cqlog side fldigi xmlrpc is set at preferences. There just server and client are reversed comparing to wsjtx and no multicast address can not be used.

Following settings (wsjtx/Settings(F2)/Reporting) / (cqrlog/preferences/fldifgi/wsjt interface)
At wsjtx side / cqrlog side
port 2237 / port 2237 (in all cases below)

cqrlog pc's IP / cqrlog pc's ip (cqrlog pc's IP = ethernet or wireless devices ip address)
cqrlog pc's IP / (cqrlog listens to all addresses ( / (both are using multicast group address)

Those are tested to work (just while writing this with wsjtx 1.9.2-devel / cqrlog 2.3.0-103)

You get all decodes to CQ-monitor/wsjtx-map and can initiate qsos from cqrlog side (wsjtx needs at least "allow UDP requests" set for that)


CQRLog and WSJT-X on different machines

Thanks Saku. I got it working using the first scenario - "cqrlog pc's IP / (cqrlog listens to all addresses (". Thanks again!