SQL error with Preferences - QTH Profiles

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SQL error with Preferences - QTH Profiles

Running V 2.3.0 (001) under Raspian V9.
Mysq ver 15.1 Distrib 10.123-MariaDB

QTH Profiles
Use QTH Profiles
Edit in New Window
Now if I enter for Locator IO76KT
Then Save
I get the following error.
TMYSQL56CONNECTION error executing Querie
Error in SQL Syntax.

Now as SQL Syntax is a well defined standard it should work with any SQL Database. Mysql or MariaDB should have the same SQL Syntax.

Having looked in the error log there is no incorrect SQL command shown.
Pity the error window did not actually give the offending SQL statement.


SQL error with Preferences - QTH Profiles

I think unit that you are using when error happens is fQTHProfiles.pas. There are some sql statements and they have debug printing before sql is executed.
So you should see those statements before error happens.

Unfortunately only way at the moment is set starting parameter as "debug=1" and it will print every debug line so finding one may be difficult. I have suggested that we should have negative debug numbers for detailed (unit based) debug prints so we could close away unnecessary debug printing (while keeping positive 1 to print all).
How ever this is a huge job, and can only be done when editing units (bug fix or new features).

At the time using:
cqrlog debug=1 > /tmp/debug.txt
is the best solution. You can then search strings afterwards with text editor.

You should search lines with words:

delete from profiles where nr=
UPDATE profiles SET locator =
update cqrlog_main set profile=
INSERT INTO profiles

These are used at that unit and may show what happened just before executing sql.

I hope you can reproduce error. I tried the order you listed but did not get any errors at that time.


Error has gone.

Thanks for the advice. Today when I tried what you suggested I could not reproduce the error message.

Last week I was getting the error message described above continually.
Even after multiple re-boots.
Today with no changes to my setup it has disappeared.
I can now enter my QRA locator and save it without any errors.
Shut down and re-boot and my QRA locator has been saved OK.
Very strange. I will watch it over the next few days and report back.