how to check log while wsjt is active

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how to check log while wsjt is active


I have CQRLOG 2.2.0 and WSJT-X 1.9.0-rc3 working well together on Ubuntu 16.04.

Let's say I see a particular call sign appear on the WSJT-X decode list and I'm interested in working him. Before I do that I want to check my log to see if I've worked him before. Because CQRLOG is in Offline mode for wsjt remote operation, I can't enter the call sign in the New QSO window and press Tab to see what appears in the table above.

Is there another way to search previous QSOs in this scenario?

If I double-click within WSJT-X to transmit to the remote side, the remote call sign does go to CQRLOG and I can see previous QSOs. I'm interested in seeing these QSOs before I decide to transmit to the remote call sign. I haven't found a way to get WSJT-X to send the call sign to CQRLOG without transmitting.

Jeff KG8IU

Crtl-O --- Filter ---- Call,

Crtl-O --- Filter ---- Call, you see, if station is in your log...

Or, if staion is calling CQ, you open cqrlogs CQ-monitor, there you can see, with colours
if station is worked before...


how to check log while wsjt is active

Hi !
Just as Jarmo said: the colors of CQ-monitor/map tells you the worked before status.
Both for call and also for locator.

Right click CQ-monitor area and set colors to your favorite ones.

Please read also manual: New_QSO/right upper corner/Help/Help index//Operation:Digital modes (wsjtx)
It hopefully answers for many questions.