delete qso

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delete qso


i think already see this in forum but cant find it

So i delete a qso on HdRlog

i upload another one them comes the error

Hrdlog : deleting xxxxx
Hrdlog: unable to find qso

now cant upload

73 ct2grf Jose

delete qso

Maybe you are looking for this:

Google finds it with words:
Hrdlog: unable to find qso

It just seems not having any solution. But as Petr there says:
Could you run cqrlog from a console with --debug=1

When cqrlog opens just do the thing that causes error and then close cqrlog.
It may produce lot of text. How ever you should paste here the part just before you execute command that does not work until that point you start to close program.

You can do it also from console with command line as:

cqrlog debug=1 > /tmp/debug.txt

You will then have a text file /tmp/debug.txt to study with your favorite text editor and find the needed part.


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i think i found it

thank you for you reply

i was trying to see want as wrong i think i found

we cant delete qso on on-line log ( i did that ) and then cqrlog start doing the error
sql database stays with that info and don’t erase it but i think was not suppose to do

i did another teste didn’t erase and cqrlog works just fine

still learning all the time

73 saku form Jose ct2grf