Marking QSO's as uploaded to all logs

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Marking QSO's as uploaded to all logs

Previously, I was working with two logs and in process of keeping CQRLOG as my primary logger.

Working with the two logging programs, I learned the hard way that if QSO's aren't exactly the same, you will end up with duplicates, which I have.

In trying to update my log upload in CQRLOG, I wanted to only update the newest QSO's I had. I highlighted the ones that were already uploaded so I wouldn't create even more duplicates in LOTW, and marked them as uploaded to all logs. In doing so, I believe it marked ALL of my QSO's as being uploaded.

When I tried to upload my newest QSO's, it came back with Error: -2. I've looked in documentation but do not see any references to this error. If this is because all were previously marked as uploaded, is there a way to "unmark" the ones I wish to upload or highlight only the ones I wish to upload?

73 John

Hi John!

Hi John!

Is it possible that you experience the same bug as I do? Please have a look at this post:

73 Andreas/DL8WA