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Slackware install

I have Slackware 14 running on a 64 bit PC. All nice and stable.
I downloaded cqrlog_2.1.0_amd64.tar.gz, put it in /root/Downloads and followed the instructions in:

I unpacked the file using: tar xvf cqrlog_2.1.0_amd64.tar.gz and it was unpacked into a folder of the same name. Seemed OK to me so far.

Following on from the instructions above I entered ./configure and got "no file or directory". I put ./configure in every directory under cqrlog_2.1.0 and got the same results. I understood ./configure to be a command.

I also tried a host of other programs like installpkg, apt-get slapt-get all resulting in "file not found" or similar.

Most the help on the net advises the hapless user to read the help or Readme files attached to the program in question but there are none in this case.

What have I missed?

Tarball install

After you have downloaded the tgz file cd to sytem root directory / . From there start tar to unpack file. You must be root, or use sudo. sudo tar xvf /path/to/downloaded file.

After doing this start cqrlog from console as normal user by typing just cqrlog.
You do not need to worry ./config/ cqrlog directory. It wll be created during startup under your /home/username folder that is the right place.

Note that you have to have mysql (or Maridb) installed before doing first start.
There may also be some other depencies wit you libraries, but you will se that after first try.