CQRLog build for Raspbian jessie -- link to deb pkg

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CQRLog build for Raspbian jessie -- link to deb pkg

I have created a built (my first on linux, hope it works!) of CQRLog 2.0.4 for raspbian.

Please use this test and enjoy!

Let me know if there are any issues.


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Works great!

Just got it installed. I had to stop and install libmysqlclient-dev with apt, but once that was done, CQRLog installed on my Raspberry Pi 3 and started up without trouble. Thanks for providing this!

Scott WZ0W

Hello, I can not startCQRLOG.

Hello, I can not startCQRLOG. Рelp me please. System Rasbian PiXEL

Bus error misaligned data access

Just received password and installed cqrlog on my raspberry pi 3. An
empty log opened, no problem. Then I proceeded to enter my user name
and password, pressed save and I received "Bus error misaligned data
access", I pressed ok in the error box (because cancel closes the
program). After putting in more preferences, like my rig number 229
(for my elecraft k3) and manually put in /dev/ttyS0 (I tried also
/dev/ttyUSB0 and entered “--serial-speed=38400”... which works in
xlog, which is not running concurrently) and I still get the same
error message box. So I reinstalled cqrlog, but needed to remove the
directory cqrlog from my home directory/.config
I reloaded the program and still get the error box... also, after the
second or third time the error box appears, the cqrlog program does
not load at all, except the error box "Bus error misaligned data

Please suggest a fix.
Howard, 4x1zz

same problem here. after

same problem here. after fixing the db problem by adding the above mentioned file i get the same error and program closes.

any solution for this?