Winkeyer USB use

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Winkeyer USB use

Hi all,

CQR log is working, and I have link with WK, but I don't know how to set the speed. When I turn the potentiometer, nothing is changed.
I'm sure that WK is linked to CQR because the keys (CQ for instance) are working.
I like to know the spped I use, and I would like to get it in the status bar, but only the default is written, and this default is not transmitted to WK.

Thanks for help.
I've looked in the forum, but did not find the answer.

Gerard F6EEQ

Well, I found it!! you have to use pge up/dwn.

But I still have no control on the settings (weight...). When I push on the red button, nothing happens.
I know I've seen something about that, but can't retreive it.


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Re: Winkeyer USB use

When the winkeyer is connected to computer and initialized by an application, the red button doesn't work as usual. When you hold it for a few seconds, you will hear some dits. It means the Winkeyer is now disconnected from the application.

The other settings like weight must be set everytime an application initialize it. It's not stored in any memory. I'll have to add support for it.

73 Petr