SRX and STX Fields

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SRX and STX Fields


I think that adding SRX (contest number serial received) and STX (contest number serial sent) is useful when you work contest with a few qso.

An optional feature (for example a box tick), could increase STX number automatically.

By default, I write these informations on RST Sent and RECEIVED fields (like 599/1256)

Best 73's

Herve F8EHJ

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Re: SRX and STX Fields

Hi Herve,

CQRLOG is not a contest program and I don't know where put these two new fields. New QSO window has no free space.
I don't thing that STX and SRX numbers in reports fileds is a good idea. What with it if you want to print QSL labels? These numbers are not importatnt. You can write this numbers in remarks field.

Stay tunned, we are working on contest program.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

SRX and STX fields

Hi Petr,
I agree that cqrlog is not a contest logger but I for one would like to see SRX and STX fields in the database because I often work contest stations 'casually' (i.e. I do not enter the contest) and like to keep a record of the serial numbers exchanged.
Mant thanks