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Upload to eQSL


I'm using this great LogSoftware for some years now and it does almost everything I want to do.
Now I started to use eQSL and tried to uploaed about 9000 QSO. In the upload box I marked "Export only QSOs which have never been upkloaded". For the first upload I think this should effect the same function than "Export all QSOs". Then a new box popped up and said, that there are lot of QSO to upload and it would be better to do a upload on the eQSL website. I did so, and everything worked perfect. I did a download from eQSL in CQRLog and made import to the logbook. Worked also perfect.
Now my question: How can I in the future make an upload only with the new QSOs? When I mark the radio button as described above I get the info, that I want to upload a big number of QSOs, even if there are no new ones.
Did I make a mistake or is there a problem in CQRLog?

Helge, DL3SDN

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Re: Upload to eQSL

Hi Helge,

you have to mark all QSO as uploaded to eQSL. Go to QSO list window, QSL menu ->eQSL -> Mark all QSO as uploaded to eQSL. After that, CQRLOG will upload only new QSO.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

Hi Petr

thank you, now eQSL upload is okay. Needed update to Ver 1.9 first.

vy 73 de Helge, DL3SDN