Clearing accidental QSL Received mark

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Clearing accidental QSL Received mark

Beginner's question: On one of my QSO records I accidentally hit Ctrl-R, incorrectly marking a QSL received. I've looked through the documentation and played around a bit, but I cannot seem to figure out how to reset this. I tried another Ctrl-R but it doesn't seem to toggle. Any tips?

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Re: Clearing accidental QSL Received mark

Go to "File -> Show QSO list", list the badly marked QSO and edit the record.

Thanks! (why didn't I see

Thanks! (why didn't I see that before?) By the way, CQRLOG is great! I'm new to this (licensed April 2015), and I tried just logging with an OpenOffice spreadsheet since I started making contacts (since many logging programs are Windows only and I can't live without Linux). I switched to CQRLOG a week ago, imported all my old logs, and this has been a huge improvement.

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