CQRLog with external MySQL and http access over apache

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CQRLog with external MySQL and http access over apache

I have been using CQRLog over a year now, looked after others, but always came back. But there is one point which is quite ennerving for me: I work with a lot of computers, but only on my main Linux machine is QRCLog installed. So when I make a QSO and am working on another machine, I have to write the data down or into another program export it as adif-file and import it into CQRLog again.
I just read that it is possible to use an external mysql database, but there are so many different programs involved that I am standing on my own toes.
1. Is there somewhere a walk through description Howto do that?
But I want to be clear, so excuse the description of my dream configuration and perhaps it is already done:
1. I would like to install the cqrlog mysql database on a machine which is running all day long.
2. When I do serious work I switch on my main linux system and work with CQRLog on the central main database on e.g synology NAS station or an armbased computer.
3. When I am on another computer I want to fill in only some essential QSO data via a web interface to the Synology NAS which has the cqrlog mysql database and an apache server running.
4. Later I can manage the rest when I am back on my main system.
5 Of course I have access to the NAS from my local network and from outside (but thats my problem which I can handle).
73 de de Hajo

with X Windows you can display the app on another machine

<p>I use OS X as my main OS and run CQRLog on the linux server/firewall here... so I ssh -X into the linux machine and then execute cqrlog, which then displays on my Apple, if your other machines are linux or OS X, you can do the same thing, if they are windoze, there are also options, there was an X Windows manager that ran under M$ Win, which I used to use, can't recall the name, though.</p>


this is indeed a simple solution, which I never took into consideration. I normally work only with linux based computers. So that's really an option.
Still a seperated MYSQL-Server with the central cqrlog database and an additional web-based interface would solve a lot of problems also for people working with windows. 
73 de Hajo

this was discussed before...

<p>see: http://www.cqrlog.com/node/885</p>
<p>or go straight to: http://www.dl8bh.de/cqrweblog/</p>
<p>from my perspective a web interface is useful if you're going to operate /P away from home and have internet connectivity which would allow you to use the web based logging, but since I never operate portable, its not something I need. (and even if I did work portable here, internet connectivity would be a problem...)</p>


<p>I am developing this web-interface, because we only have windows machines at our clubstation. I am including new features in my free time, if you have any suggestions for new features/changes, please let me know. I mainly use the original cqrlog client for updating the qslmanager databases, managing eqsl/lotw and importing (contest)logs, but most of the other stuff we need can be done in our webinterface.</p>
<p>Code is on github (https://github.com/dl8bh/cqrweblog) and on my homepage (http://www.dl8bh.de/cqrweblog)</p>
<p>73 Bernd dl8bh</p>

a simple webinterface for cqrlog, screenshots over here: http://www.dl8bh.de/cqrweblog/

mysqldumping and importing your database

This is possible, you just need to: -mysqldump your local databse (after starting your local cqrlog instance: mysqldump --databases cqrlog_common cqrlog001 [ add cqrlog002 cqrlog003... if you have more than one log] --host= --port=64000 -u root > cqrlog_backup.sql) -import the dump on your synology (dont forget to add a password protected user with permissions on the imported tables, should be named cqrlog, otherwise you have to change a bit in your database) After this step, you can connect from every computer with cqrlog installed to your central logging database or simply use a webinterface.

a simple webinterface for cqrlog, screenshots over here: http://www.dl8bh.de/cqrweblog/