cqrlog does not make tq8 file.

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cqrlog does not make tq8 file.

I'm now using Ubuntu Trusty, it is upgraded from Saucy.
At Saucy,I installed cqrlog and copied from .config/cqrlog through usb memory at Raring (another HDD).
At Raring I could easily upload to LOTW server.
Now at Trusty I can sign in adi file, but on upload it appears error.
looking for tq8 file,in nautilus there is not tq8 file
How do I upload to LOTW using tq8 file?

RE:cqrlog does not make tq8 file.

Thank you Jose.
I was using QTH name different at Raring.
And now I have just succeeded yesterday's log to LoTW.
Thank you.73 de JE8VZK.