TS-870S + CAT + filters

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TS-870S + CAT + filters


I bought a "new" radio.
I have a problem only with DSP filter SSB.
Every time when I click on a SPOT SSB station, it turn on LO / WIDTH 1000 Hz filter. I want that it will not be turned on.
In MODES configuration and width options I have set the option in 2800.
Entering different values does not change the behavior of the program.

Has anyone had a similar problem?


73! Pawel SQ5LTL

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Problem solved.
DSP with CAT connected to TS-870S does not set the bandwidth.
As we set the parameters of the program.
CAT control of the radio set at a lower value.
You only need to set the desired lower DSP filter width. And that's it!

73! Pawel