Sending Direct Ordering/Filters.

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Sending Direct Ordering/Filters.

<p>I've just processed my first QSL cards with CQRlog. Maybe I've missed a setting (as I am still learning), but I was wondering if direct cards (from a filter), could be ordered so as to show new DXCC's first, i.e. of higher priority?</p>

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Re: Sending Direct Ordering/Filters.

Hi John,
I'm sorry, program doesn't have this feature and I have no idea how to add it to the filter. This would have special function in QSL menu.
73 Petr

No worries, just thinking

No worries, just thinking about it, it would probably just be after finding all SD entries, to put the ones where there is no existing DXCC in the database at the top.  I'll see if I can cobble together some SQL at the weekend.
Great application, keep up the good work.