"CW keys" window additions

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"CW keys" window additions

Following 2 wishes related to sub-windows "CW keys"

1) enable "PgUP/PgDN" to change speed without activating "New QSO" window meanwhile, Add also bottom stripe where current speed is shown (or make changes show on "New qso" bottom stripe even if window is not selected). Helps when you use "CWkeys" window and mouse instead of F-keys for activating cw memories.


2) When mode is set to "ssb" on "new qso" window, either manually or from rig, change "CWkeys" window naming to "SSBkeys" and funtions so that pressing buttons will lauch bash child process at ~/.config/cqrlog/ssbkeys/ name related to button i.e. F1key.sh, F2key.sh etc. It may also work from "new qso" window F_keys like on CW memories. User have then freedom to produce voice keying as he likes for excample :


while  ! ps aux | grep -q '[p]lay'
  #put TX on via rigctl if not using vox
  echo T1 | nc 4532
  #Play callsign
  play -q /home/saku/Audio/OH1KH.wav
  #put TX off via rigctl if not using vox
  echo T0 | nc 4532

Same audio interface that is used on JT65HF/rtty/sstv etc. can be used fro this purpose.

73 Saku OH1KH


Oh my....

So short is my memory !

After talking today with Jarmo OH1MRR I realized that there already IS voice memory built in. And that I have even played with it some time because there was few MP3s in directory.  Shame on me...

Seems that lack of mpg123 and play commands at this installation of linux made me tought that there are no actions with F-keys on fone modes.


Feature requests still partially remains:

1) enable PgUp/PgDown keys while on CW mode and CW-keys window is activated

2) Change header text of CW-keys window to FONE-keys while mode is SSB_AM_FM (and enable functionality. Now just keys work while in fone mode).
And perhaps also add preferences some kind of setup "enable voice keyer" or something so that one has a glue that it exists. I'm sure to remember it now ;) I hope...perhaps...



Somebody know that there is

Somebody know that there is possibility to make sripts like this in CW mode ??