hamlib and what to do with it?

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hamlib and what to do with it?

In reading over how to install CQLOG and the lst of to be sure to install third party programs, I have downloaded Hamlib as a *.tgz file and extracted it to the home/.config directory. This leads me to my question as to "what to do with it".
As a new Linux user, there seems to be a huge gaping hole of assumptions in the community at large that the new Linux user should sort of need to know how to do this stuff and where to put things. I can say that the answers to a lot of questions are written as if you should know how to do this stuff. So after HOURS of reading tecnical responses to questions I sort of fugured out that I should have installed HAMLIB to the home/.config directory which on the onset looked reasonable given that CQRLOG was in the same directory.
Ok right or wrong it's there, and now what does one do with this necessary third party installation? It sure would be nice if there was a list of steps that one has to do to fully run CQRLOG program. I kinda feel like I showed up to a party with everyone wearing clothes and I was told it was a nudist party!

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Just go over to the left

Just go over to the left colum, click on downloads, save the appropriate file, right click on that file in your download folder and click install with Gdebi package installer. If Gdebi is not there you can go to the software center and install it from there. then go back and install. Tom K8WDX
Also for the future If you want to install 3rd party programs go to administration and click on symnatic package manager, search for it and install from there. installing CQRlog the way I described above will install everything you need.