auto search using QRZ instead of HamQTH

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auto search using QRZ instead of HamQTH

I have "Enable auto search on HamQTH/" checked and it work beautifully.  It appears to use HamQTH exclusively but perhaps it uses QRZ when HamQTH fails.  I was wondering if there was a way to force QRZ or at least make it go there 1st.
I am currently developing some grocoding software and am using QRZ as my primary data source. It offers better services and appears to be more accurate.  One of the things I am doing is comparing the grid received from QRZ and its' source (user, geocode, grid, etc.) and the grid recorded in the log from the QSO.  I am using the log grid if there is a difference but many entries differ slightly when I feel they should be the same.  I feel as thought the QRZ data may be more accurate at least in cases where data is user supplied.

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Re: auto search using QRZ instead of HamQTH

you can choose the callbook in Preferences -> Callbook support. HamQTH is default choice but you can change it to qrz.
73 Petr

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If you want speed then use

If you want speed then use hamqth, If you are not in a hurry, use qrz.
QRZ is not even close to acurate.
If you are on the reieving side of a pile up you might find yourself waiting for qrz to do the lookup. JMO.