Start Time for QSO?

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Start Time for QSO?

Maybe I am doing something wrong.  When I record a QSO the start and the end times for the contact are the same.  The only way I have found to fix that is to edit the contact after it is completed.  Is it possible to have a button to record the start time of the contact, then the save button records the end of the contact?

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Re:Start Time for QSO?

Hi Dave,
when you leave RST sent field, cqrlog starts counting how long QSO takes. It will also update the value in End time field. After you hit enter, correct start and end time will be saved.
73 Petr, OK2CQR

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would it be possible to have

would it be possible to have a "now" button nest to star/stopt time ?
I usually have all filled in allready , and then try to get through the pill up .... 
That can take a while and i manually have to set all the times again...
Don't know if this is a good idea, would seem handy to me at least...

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Re:Start Time for QSO?

Hi Dave and Alex,
I just added a refresh time button to New QSO window. It will set start time and end time to now.
73 Petr