New QSO doesn't display last entries

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New QSO doesn't display last entries

I am new to CQRLOG... running ver. 1.7.3 on Ubuntu 12.04.  I have seen several screenshots ( which show a portion of the log file at the top of the New QSO screen...
I am unable to find out how to get my logbook to display most recent contacts here.  If I double click on a listing from DXCluster, the New QSO window briefly shows the log contents, but then blanks out as soon as the DXCluster info is pasted into the NEW QSO fields.  Very strange...
Also:  I am using the "Classic" Gnome GUI (with the drop down menus and bar across the bottom of the screen containing buttons for all aps running).  If I click on the "New QSO" button and minimize the New QSO window... I am unable to return it to normal size.  When I click the button trying to do so, the window pops up and immediately collapses back again into the "task bar".  I then must close CQRLOG completely and restart it.
Thank you for any help you have, and I congratulate you on a fine product.
Tony Bean

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Re: New QSO doesn't display last entries

Hi Tony,
if you want to see previous contact in New QSO windows, you must enable it in Preferences, first. It in File -> Preferences -> New QSO and check "Show recent QSO records for last XXX days.
I've never minimized CQRLOG window, I use more desktops and use CTR+F1 to F4 to swich between them (KDE here). I just tried it and it worked. Maybe it's related to Gnome? I have no idea, I'm sorry.
73 Petr, OK2CQR