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Online Log Enhancement

Last year I posted a message asking how I could best log with different callsigns from the same location (needed for award tracking). It was suggested that I try using Profiles, which I have sucessfully up to now.

However now we have OnLine log uploads, which is a brilliant addittion to CQRLog and my thanks go to Petr and other contributors for the excellent 1.7.0 release.
I now face a new problem. I have segregated my log as follows:

Profile 1 = G8FXM
Profile 2 = GQ8FXM
Profile 3 = GV8FXM
Profile 4 = M3FXM

But When I export my adif files, there is no <OPERATOR> adif field so the log is a mix of all the above.

No problem I hear you say, use a filter and only export the QSO's belonging to the Profile you want. This is great and this is what I did before Onine Log updating. But now I have activated OnLine logging, ALL QSO's are added to my online log irrespective of the profile I have used and irrespective of the actual Operator callsign. I could go back to using separate databases for each prefix but then I dont get accurate DXCC and other award stats that way.

Some onling logging systems keep independant logs by <OPERATOR> e.g. ClubLog others do not e.g. what would be great would be the following:

1) include the <OPERATOR> adif field in all adif exports. (So I can see which QSO belongs to which Operator, and making it available to online logging systems).
2) add a feature that allows a seperate <OPERATOR> callsign be assigned to each profile. That way I can use any of the above profiles and the <OPERATOR> field in ADIF will correctly show the right callsign.

I'm sure theres a better way to achieve this, if so I'd love to hear from you.

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Re: Online Log Enhancement

Hi Dave,
there is inly one solution - separated logs for other callsigns. There is no other way. Trigger which store changes into log_changes table doesn't follow QTH profiles data.
I'm thinking about new feature that could help with tracking previous QSO across other logs but I still don't know if it has any sence.
73 Petr, OK2CQR