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[SOLVED] ADIF Enhancement

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[SOLVED] ADIF Enhancement

I'd like to see CQRLOG support the following ADIF fields: PROGRAMID, and PROGRAMVERSION field. Once supported and log files populated we may see CQRLog climb up logging prtogram leader boards like the one at Clublog: Clublog uses these fields to determine which logging program is uploading ADIF files. I know Linux is still a minority OS but I don't believe it only has 0.08% market share! Supporting and populating these fields may see some more representative stats here.

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Re: ADIF Enhancement

This should be in version 1.6.1, it seems I forget to write about it to changelog :(.

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I've just checked and your

I've just checked and your right, thanks.

73'd De Dave, G8FXM O/S Linux Mint 18.1 KDE Plasma 64 bit

Think it helped

There has already been a slight increase. As I see now it's 0.09%.
Not sure if my log is counted yet since it's uploaded very recently.

73 de Tjalling PA3GOS