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Anyone who happend to know how to connect the Kenwood TS480 into TRX control???

73 Per LA4ESA

[quote=la4esa]Anyone who

[quote=la4esa]Anyone who happend to know how to connect the Kenwood TS480 into TRX control???

I actually know how to connect the radio, what i mean with my question is all the settings under: preferences/TRX

73 Per LA4ESA[/quote]


Hello Per.
I do this in english for other readers.

It think You have to run max 9600baud to make it work.Also set this on the rig.
If You use the physical RS232, choose device1=/dev/ttyS0
If You use an USB to serial, choose device1=/dev/ttyUSB0

Make sure that You are a member of the dialout-group
discribed here : http://cqrlog.com/node/680

Good luck
73 de Børge / LA4VGA på Uthaug


It seems like my reply from yesterday are "gone".??
But, thank you for your reply.
My settings are no as this:
Rig ID: 214
Device: /dev/ttyS0
Poll rate: 125 (no delay when changing band/freq)
port no: 4532
Serial speed: 9600
All other settings: default.

Problem fixed, this work :-)
Another subject:
Under "callbook support" i have dedicated QRZ.com, set username and password.
Under "New QSO" i have checked the following boxes:
Enable auto search on QRZ.com

basic information appear from QRZ.com, but the information about QTH and Grid/locator does not appear. Do you know why?

73 Per LA4ESA

info from QRZ

Hello again Per.
Maybe You did not press "save" ? The first look is only a preview.

Nice to hear that Your rig now talks to cqrlog.
I use pollrate 500 or 1000, because I had some trouble with that fast poll-rate as 125.

I don't use QRZ.com for autosearch. I use HamQTH instead (the author of cqrlog).
I know that qrz.com often do changes on their xml-interface, so that may be the case now also.
I did some traces, with qrz.com, and it is as You say. It only returns some info.
I am not a paying member of qrz, so it might be "choked".

If You want to trace to a file for debugging, the syntax could be:
cqrlog --debug=1 > filename.log 2>&1
Everything for debug gets into the file "filename.log

Maybe Petr ,the author of cqrlog, can fill in some extra info, or You could try HamQTH for callbook.

73 de Børge / LA4VGA

Hello Børge

Hello Børge
Thanks again, it works nice with the HamQTH system.

73 Per LA4ESA

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Re: TS-480

Hi Per,

could you send me log file created like Borge described, please? I don't have access to qrz.com, they deleted my profile shortly after HamQTH.com went online. Thank you!

73 Petr, OK2CQR