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Filter by PWR

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Filter by PWR

Hi Peter!

I've started using CQRLOG and imported a log from another windows log program.

I'd like to filter my QSO's by TX PWR, so I can set the profile on those QSO to QRP, or export the list to an ADIF file for printing only QRP QSL's

Is it possible ?

73 de CT1GVN

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Re: Filter by PWR

Hi Alexandre,

I'm sorry, but CQRLOG doesn't have Power field available directly in Filter window. I just added it to my todo list and it should be available in new version of CQRLOG.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

Thank you very much Petr!

Thank you very much Petr!

73 de Alex, CT1GVN

72 de CT1GVN