LoTW & QSL Card confirmations

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LoTW & QSL Card confirmations

Unless i have missed the setting is there a way of making CQRlog just accept LoTW & Card QSLs as valid contacts - ie for when the log shows if a QSL is needed or not or if its a new country - seems we have to include eQSL but so many dont accept it as a valid DXCC confirmation... plus if working for DXCC having just cards and LoTW would be a useful option...

may be tick boxes for each offering so depending on the method you use it can be bespoke?

If I have missed the setting for just LoTW / QSL cards to be valid then sorry... if not would it be possible to add it to the wish list for next release??


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73 - Adam - MU0WLV :-)

LoTW & QSL Card confirmations

Hi Adam!

I was looking source code and while preferences lotw/eqsl info has check box "Use LoTW and eQSL confirmed countries for New country or New band country etc. info" is actually "Use Lotw OR qsl card".

Lotw OR qsl received (qsl_r must be 'Q') decide if qsl is needed.

if DxccWithLoTW then
qRbnMon.SQL.Text := 'SELECT id_cqrlog_main FROM '+dmData.DBName+'.cqrlog_main WHERE adif='+
sAdif+' AND band='+QuotedStr(band)+' AND ((qsl_r='+
QuotedStr('Q')+') OR (lotw_qslr='+QuotedStr('L')+')) AND mode='+
QuotedStr(mode)+' LIMIT 1'
qRbnMon.SQL.Text := 'SELECT id_cqrlog_main FROM '+dmData.DBName+'.cqrlog_main WHERE adif='+
sAdif+' AND band='+QuotedStr(band)+' AND qsl_r='+
QuotedStr('Q')+ ' AND mode='+QuotedStr(mode)+' LIMIT 1';

At least in my logs there are no"Q"s as I use only LoTW and eQSL. So it seems that recqiving eQSL does not affect to qsl_r column in database and in that way to result of the sql query above.
I may be wrong but with quick look I did not found any reference to database column "eqsl_qsl_rcvd" in queries.

At DXCC statistics you have selection what to count paper, eqso, lotw or combinations of these to get the DXCCstatus.


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thats great Saku, thanks for

thats great Saku, thanks for the detail and taking the time to respond :)