RST r&t values are not stored

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RST r&t values are not stored


I’m using Cqrlog 2.4.0 in Ubuntu 18. I realised since I upgraded from 2.3 that just the first QSOs done with WSJTX are properly stored although all the data are shown in the previous dialog. I push the OK button and all values are shown in the QSO list window except for both RST values.

Please help, all my QSO are being stored incomplete!


RST r&t values are not stored

Hi !
Are you using JTDX? Not official WSJT-X from K1JT?

If you really are using WSJT-X it must be older version than WSJT-X 2.1.0 In that case, please update your WSJT-X

If you are using JTDX then read this: