FT8 DXpedition mode

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FT8 DXpedition mode

HI !

Worked today TY7C at 18,096 using FT8 DXpedition/hound mode.
I have version 1.9.0.rc2 of wsjtx downloaded from official site (it is NOT latest version compiled from svn).

Working went quite easily with 50W and dipole. Some notes:

Cq-monitor does not have any contents (well...I think I did not see any of his CQ anyway).

But more interesting notice was that even wsjt-x logging window opened as usual, and I confirmed it with OK later I found out that there were 3 loggings in log.
Qso times of them had few minutes difference.

This is rc2, not actual release so it is not time to do anything with cqrlog yet.
If you see similar action, be warned and just remove additional loggings leaving only the first one.

We see what happens when official release is out.

You did'n see, because you

You did'n see, because you should have set in wsjtx freqs 18096
into list


You did'n see, because you

I doubt that because seeing CQ is not related to list of fixed frequencies.
At the time there was so many stations to work that no CQ was needed to send by TY7C.

There is no mention about it in DXpedition mode manual. The part that says abt. setting given freq to list of frequencies is just for those who can not dial with vfo knob. Maybe a CAT issue also for some rigs.

My IC706 stays on manually set frequency and uses split for TX freq, as should. How ever using some functions of wsjt-x may return it back to conventional band frequency if DXpedition frequency dialed by manual is not included to list of frequencies (and maybe that is why it is mentioned in DXpediition mode manual).

I often work on conventional frequencies so that I dial manually 1kHz up or down from base frequency. That gives relief for my IC706 poor front end that gets overloaded by big signals ( when using this weak signal mode , hi hi).

But I will confirm the CQ issue later when I can again hear DXpedition mode station on air.