ADIF import from EasyLog

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ADIF import from EasyLog

Hi everybody,
I've been using easylog logger software, it works also on Linux under wine, but, looking up on the web, I recently discovered this VERY interesting software. I've just install it on a 64bit Ubuntu 9.04 without any problem and I've found the integration with fldigi a real "piece of cake" ;-)
Anyway, I would like to import a log from easylog and the only way to do that is to convert it to ADIF and then using the import tool on CRQLOG.
So I tried: After starting the procedure, it stops the record count on the 122nd (of about 9000) showing it as complete and without any error and... there isn't any record present in the log.
After that, I tried to do the same with xlog and the whole log was imported.
Any clue?

73 de IK3SWB, Enzo.

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Re: ADIF import from EasyLog

Hi Enzo,

probably it is caused by wrong ADIF file. Please try to export QSOs from xlog and import it to CQRLOG again. Please send me your adif file to petr (at), I hope I can find out why is this happening. Thank you.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

Re: ADIF import from EasyLog

thanks for your quick answer.
I tried to export it from xlog just after the import, but the result was the same.
I've just sent the log to you.


Re: ADIF import from EasyLog (SOLVED)


great! Thanks for your file check. Now I correctly imported all QSOs and I also corrected the problems you found out.
Now it's time to keep on playing with this new software

73s de Enzo