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Central database

I want to use a central database at my web provider. I understand cqrlog is using two databases, crqlog and cqrlog_common.
My webprovider does not allow me to select my own databasename.
I have dumped both databases from my local computer, and importet them in to two central databases.
Where is the database server, name, password, information for the databases set in cqrlog. I found something in cqrlog_login.cfg, but as far as I can se it is just for the main database.

Thanks for a excellent program

I am using cqrlog on a

I am using cqrlog on a central mysql-database, too. The login-information is the same for all the databases, you have to set this up in you central server accordingly. But be aware: if its just a web-space provider you are using, it may not work, because in this case, the mysql-server will most likely only listen on an internal interface to the connected webserver and not to external connections.
73 Bernd DL8BH

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