New hamradio callbook

I've created new free hamradio callbook - Since the owner of one popular server decided to hide all addresses until you are not registered, I decide to write my own.

You can also register to our server, edit or add your own address, write some biography details, put photos here etc. What is unique, you can choose if your address or other contact details will be shown also to unregistered users. It is your choice, not my. I won't hide your address or any details. Only you can do that.

Now callbook includes only data widely available on the Internet for free. I've imported whole USA FCC database, Italian, T7, OK and VE callbook.

If you want to see an example how it looks like, here is my profile:

I hope, you'll like The callbook and use it very often.

Petr, OK2CQR


New hamradio callbook

Great work! I've just registred. I hope many om's will follow! At the moment I can't find any of my friends in the database. One little question.... is it possible to add a calculation for the distance between my locator to the locator of the searched callsign (like in q* At the moment I browse your brandnew database with my smartphone but what I see is much better and easier than q*!!!

To all OM's and YL's/XYL's : Please invite every OM you know to this new database and tell them to register their callsign here.

I'm looking forward to the eQSL-support.

Thank you Petr for your great work!

Very handy callbook!


Your new callbook service looks VY FB indeed! It even works on my BlackBerry, something most others cannot do very well. Simplicity is indeed a beautiful thing! Please keep it simple as it evolves.

I look forward to the XML interface.Can you add Twitter as a field to the IM/email fields? I would find that handy.

TU ES VY 73 de Glenn K3PP

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Very nice Peter

I just completed my bio on the new ham look up, that was easy, I just copied and pasted from QRZ, pics and all. went soooo smooth.. look me up, K8WDX looking forward to the xml as well, will this be merged into CQRLOG to auto fill info eventually? Thanks again for all your hard work.... I am telling everyone about the new call book.

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Re: Very nice Peter

Hi Tom,

thank you for kind words. I looked at your profile and it is very nice! I really like it.

I'm going to add XML search soon. It will be also implemented into CQRLOG. Now woring on auto synchronize mechanizm for FCC database. After I finish it, I'll work on XML search.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

New hamradio callbook

Great job!
I hope we will be able to check the HamQTH database from CQRlog quickly.



... it seems that cluster and site itself experiencing difficulties as of last night.