Xubuntu upgrade to 24.04

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Xubuntu upgrade to 24.04

Just a word of warning to folks upgrading from Ubuntu 23.xx to 24.04. I have gone from version 20.04 through a whole series of upgrades without the installer disturbing my CQRLog installation. But 24.04 was different. I tried to launch and kept getting an access violation that I hadn't seen since I went to version 2.6.0 of CQRLog. After some head scratching, I realized that the Xubuntu installer overwrote my executable with 2.5.2. I cloned the source code and recompiled, this time to 2.6.0 build 119. All is well again. Caveat emptor! I assume the same thing may happen with other flavors of Ubuntu.


Charles - NK8O

Xubuntu upgrade to 24.04

Xubuntu upgrade to 24.04

Hi Charles!

Also some problems here, with Ubuntu 24.04.

I first installed CQRLOG 2.5.2 via launchpad and after that the Maria DB. All started up nicely. Imported a log, DXCC-tables etc were imported. But when I ran DXCC statictics on the log, it looked very wrong. When I tried to re-import the DXCC data it gave me an Access Violation. On what I don' t know since those files are not restricted in any way. The program is clearly not getting the DXCC data from these files, it uses something very old. From where, I do not know. The files in the correct directory are fresh and correct.

Maybe it is time to move over to 2.6.0 -branch...?

BR Mikael SM6VJA

Mikael SM6VJA

Mikael SM6VJA

janelancy (not verified)
Using Launchpad, I set up

Using Launchpad, I set up CQRLOG 2.5.2, and then I added Maria DB. It got going without a hitch. The following were imported: a log, DXCC tables, etc. Everything seemed odd when I ran DXCC statistics on the log. An Access Violation occurred when I attempted to re-import the DXCC data. Because such files are completely unrestricted, I am unsure about what is going on. Rather than using the most up-to-date DXCC data, the program is evidently using an outdated method. To what end, I am utterly confused. There are new, accurate files in the right place.
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Melbaason (not verified)
Thanks. Made correction. All

Thanks. Made correction. All good now!